Our product, AGRISERUM®, was invented by Doctor Howard D. Salins in 1947.  The product was used and tested in Dorsey, Illinois for 18 years before the first gallon was offered for sale in 1965 by Farmers Manufacturing Company, Inc.  In July 2006 Farmers Manufacturing Company was re-organized and we now do business as Crop Resources, LLC.


Bacteria and Bacteria Feeders for Soil and Manure Pits


is bacteria and bacteria feeders designed to enhance the biological activity in the soil.  Microbes in the soil for the most part feed the plants.  “The Life in the soil is the fertility.”

Pit Power®

is bacteria and bacteria feeders for adding bacteria life to manure pits or for use in composting.  Free quotes and consultations are available; contact us today for further details.

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Make Crop Resources the first choice for all of your crop’s biological needs.  With over 50 years of solid industry experience under our belts, we have the knowledge and skills to address your questions and concerns.  Call us today for further details.