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AGRISERUM®  is bacteria and bacteria feeders designed to enhance biological activity in the soil.  Bacteria are the most abundant of the micro-organisms in the soil, but tend to be most abundant in or adjacent to plant roots.  Bacteria enhance soil quality by decomposing organic matter, feeding other members of the soil food web like earthworms, protozoa, and nematodes.  Bacteria physically bind soil particles into aggregates thus improving water infiltration and the soil’s water-holding ability.  By increasing the water-holding ability of the soil this also reduces erosion.  Bacteria help keep nutrients in the root zone and out of surface and groundwater.  Bacteria compete with disease-causing organisms.  Bacteria filter and degrade pollutants as water flows through the soil.  Bacteria are very important to most anything grown in the soil.  By adding bacteria to the soil we can enhance the soil’s ability to produce for us.  AGRISERUM®  is a good way to enhance the biological activity in the soil.  Does your soil have enough bacteria life?